Developing SimCity Buildit to Perfection


There are some games that have been on our mobile devices for ages. Some version of it seems like it is going to be there forever, as well as other great games like SimCity Buildit. But last year seems a long time ago, and EA followed up its success with SimCity Buildit, a game that […]

Boom Beach without Resource Collection?

Boom Beach

In the world of gaming, it is sometimes easy to forget how competitive the realtime strategy (RTS) genre is. Strategy titles can flood the shelves, but the gleaming stars of the genre will generate a massive following of gamers who will stick with that title for years. One only need to look at a game […]

Gamer’s View: Star Trekkin’ Volume I

star trek

Space may be the final frontier, but our hard-drive space has proven to be Star Trek’s most daunting mission. Most Star Trek licensed games are about as fun to play as a Vulcan is to party with. Maybe it’s the restrictive Paramount license or developer intimidation caused by the subject matter, but talk of the […]

Andrew’s Views: Conqueror’s Day (Observed)


In 1492 (not the Ridley Scott film), Chris Columbus (not the film director) sailed the ocean blue. We all know the rest of the story. He found happy, generally peaceful, and now mostly extinct native peoples, and he introduced them to genocide and smallpox. Let’s ignore the fact that Christopher Columbus wasn’t the only person […]

Hit Points: The Death of Volunteering in Dereth


At the Ultima Online World Faire this past November, Gordon Walton, VP of Online Services, made an interesting remark. He said that it is more effective to hire excellent customer service representatives and teach them to play the game than to hire experienced Ultima Online players and teach them customer service. The massively multiplayer, online […]